Japanese and English
Author: Cecco Bonanotte
Shuji Takashina [Director, Ohara Museum of Art / Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo]
Nicola Carrino [Sculptor / Former President of Accademia Nazionale di San Luca, Rome]
Shuin Matsukubo [Elder Priest of Yakushi-ji Temple]
Hirotaka Nakatomi [President and CEO, Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc.]
and others
26.5×20cm superior binding 228 pages [233 images]

Catalogue that focuses on the newest works and self-selected representative ones of Cecco Bonanotte, an Italian leading sculptor. He was awarded the 24th Preamium Imperiale: Sculpture.

Cecco Bonanotte: Artist Page

Described as the “Master of Figurative Sculpture” or the “Poet of Form,” Cecco Bonanotte is one of the most prominent sculptors in Italy. His creative works delve deep into the human conscience and are influenced by a sensibility for time and space. Bonanotte says, “At the depth of human mind, there flows deep feelings such as joy, sorrow and love. I want to express the continuity of deep human sentiments through shape.”